Monday, February 27, 2006

Newspaper Report

Went up to visit Mum yesterday for her birthday. We basically ate our way throughout the day, pub lunch, afternoon coffee and evening meal at an amazing Chinese restaurant, with a quick detour via a Saxon Church. Mum said she had a good day which was good to hear. I was a bit shellshocked, the local paper did a report on the inquest into Dad's death. Luckily somone had phoned Mum to let her know it was in the paper, and she hdn't opened and found "Local Pensioner dies after Fall". I ended up carrying it round the house last night in a bit of a daze, after photocopying it. I think it helped though, I feel like something clicked today. I think it helped counteract the air of disbelief about death.

Sleepy now, night night!

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