Monday, July 31, 2006

12 weeks old!

Heart beating, and everything!

Monday, July 03, 2006


On the way home today, I sat near a carriage on the train where the air conditioning had broken. In the south we've been getting temperatures of about 32 degrees, so you can only imagine what the temperature was like on that carriage - a lot hotter I imagine. After a short while I noticed a very hot looking guard giving out water to all the passengers. He offered me some but as I was in a cool bit, with water of my own and about to get ooff, I declined. What a lvoely thing to do though, the passengers looked so hot, and the train staff were doing their best in difficult circumstances. Nice to have that level of concern for other's well being.

Talking of water, I picked up my first biodegradable bottle of water today. It's made from corn and will compost within about 12 weeks. All of the profits from it goes towards projects providing water in India and Africa, or cleaning rivers in the UK. I think they have a variety of projects. Looking at my bottle, I see they are actually Belu.

It's so hot today it's lovely to see companies supporting life and water in such different ways.