Tuesday, May 15, 2007


As you can see Debs is being introduced to yoga already :) I'm proud to report that the first thing she has officially grabbed at was my mala (Buddhist rosary) whilest I was meditating, but that could easily be explained by the fact it's an easy object for a baby to grasp at.

Debs is now 13 weeks old and is a wonderfully happy child. She has a lovely infectious grin and charmed lots of our friends on a recent holiday. She enjoys time by herself and also with people, and loves watching other babies. She is teaching myself and Ian an awful lot about being in the moment as that's what babies do an awful lot of, it's a privilege to be around.

Being a mum is wonderful and my heart flows over with gratitude. To spend time with my daughter is the most precious time in the world. To think that 2 beings passing through time and spce in the way we do can form such a relationship is awe-inspiring.