Thursday, September 29, 2011

Holding the Universe

Holding the Universe

When you feed yourself to sleep
and I hold you close to me
I'm holding the universe in my arms
A whole wide world unknown to me
Drifting off to sleep.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pregnant Pause

Pregnant Pause

Twisting in the twilight of the womb
You came to be part of the world
Part of the world just as you are
with your hopes, dreams desires.

Part of the world, just as you are
with a brain that hinders your speech
hinders your smile, hinders your eyes.

A brain that demands perfection,
A brain that see's fear,
A brain that see's this beautiful world
In your own beautiful, unique way.

Twisting in the twilight world
I wish I'd done a better job
Given you a brain that craved love more
Craved eyes, and feelings
Craved touch and sounds and smells.

But this is to unwish you
and that just cannot be done
For you are yourself
with your frightened brain
your anxious eyes
and your ears that hear so much.

Twisting in the twilight world
You came as you are
My greatest teacher
and your own self.

Twisting in the twilight world
You became you.
Let the world outside welcome you.


Together we learn to fight and rage,
scream and shout and bite and worse
and when I wonder about those words
well let's just say I heard it first.

When I wonder about those looks
wonder what is in your books
Wonder where you learned to fight
Wonder where you learnt to bite
and scratch and scream and hate so much

The mirror talks to me.

The reflection in your eyes reminds me.

Then we tickle and laugh and life is good
And now all feels as it should

A breath and I am grateful.

Grateful to you for teaching more about love than I ever thought there was to learn.

Such a day.

Such a day of weeping and wailing,
howling and hailing
emotional thunderstorms too big for our bodies.

The ranting and railing reaches the heavens,
the lightning of words screams round and about
whipping our heads with confusion,
scratching our minds with its talons.


A perfect blue hexagon
No clouds in the sky.
All curled together, loving and laughing.

Perfection as we look to the sky
The day takes a breath, we pause and we laugh
We should jump, we should scream, we should all bounce high
- we are on the trampoline after all

The perfect blue hexagon as we look up,
Aeroplanes the only white in the deep blue sky,
Peace in an unexpected place.

Such a day.