Friday, November 05, 2010

Worry not Boudica!

Nope, I'm not suffering delusions, just that somehow the worries that have bee destroying me and making me awful (again) to the children have now become my foundations and I'm dealing with them. Only some, I can't do anything about Ian's diabetes although he's had some good news for that this week, and happily Michael's chest infection has responded really well to treatment which means I can PUT HIM DOWN and MOVE AWAY FROM THE SOFA AND MAKE FOOD. So maybe its not so much better coping skill as just more food, more exercise and slightly more sleep.

Am now actively chasing the speech and language services for D. I think she was looking forward to going back to pre school, she'd mentioned she wasn't going there and said she liked it when asked. But, well, I'm never 100% on how reliable all that is. I think she likes all the things they do there, but she wilts when she's there, and its destroyed our social life as she is simply too exhausted to do anything. That's a very minor point, but for her if she is wilting at pre school then feeling too tired to see her existing friends - well it sounds very isolating for her. Poor sausage. Her behaviour generally over half term was better than during school time, again it's hard to know if this a sign for immediate removal, or just a sign of exhaustion. The nursery nurses say this is normal -but this is not a cause of comfort.

So more chasing, actually now really wanting a developmental assessment at the hospital.