Sunday, April 16, 2017

Yesterday's emotions have draped themselves, cloak like around my shoulders.
The material is hard and rough and scratches my skin.
Staring at the pricks of blood I see a map of grief
The continent of depression looms large
but there are islands of hope and "it's not so bad" and "shrugs"
I set sail accordingly.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Remembering the Dead.

How quickly the two worlds collide, rip asunder and we stand in the gap between now and the past.
Heads bowed we remember the dead, the suffering, the sick, the old.
In that sacred space between now and the next moment, we stand and remember.

Then, at the call of the horn, the two worlds are one again, the moment is lost and carries on
The dead are forgotten, back in the graves.
The sick are ignored, the old ones lost.
Their voices half remembered, no longer as bravery but as raised in complaint
Against the wrongs of this world.

Fascism rises

Monday, April 11, 2016


Falling from the sky, I hesitate to catch you.
Burning the ether, no one can miss you.
So fast, so slow, your trajectory terrifies.
I wait until you fall into my arms,
To sleep.

(Waiting for my child to be calm when in the grip of a meltdown).

Friday, July 17, 2015

Joy in small things

Joy in small things
Minute, tiny, twinkles of thought.
In structure and lines
In conversations bigger than the world
In too many things to think at once
In ordering
In beauty that strikes me to the core
Rendering me breathless with bliss
In shapes and stars and dates
In watching the breath and calming the mind
In watching the mind dance on the beauty of thought
In textures soft and smooth and fur
In music, expressing love
In happiness

Monday, July 06, 2015

To Mum

Trapped behind glass,
Breath is constricted by the smudge of emotion,
Words distorted by love that hurts.
I wish my happiness was not such a barrier for you,
I wish we could be happy together,
I wish for the joy from my childhood.

I wish the woman I knew from years ago,
Could still come and comfort me, kiss me, chide me.
Instead this shadow of haunted dreams,
That you seem determined to become

I wish this hadn't been my creation and that you were free to have been that in the first place.
The first place being before I was born.

I wish I could free you,
I can't help you,
I do love you.

Saturday, July 04, 2015

No Man is an Island

No man is an island, no woman a continent.
No child a violent storm that rips the world apart,
No parent alone, no child destroyed,

No adult alone and housebound
Locked into the bricks of the walls of their home by the threat of the world outside.
Nobody so isolated that non existence beckons them.
No child without a future
No person without hope.

Come together in quiet
Listen to the voices that cannot speak
Respect the gaze that flickers like a candle
In peace let ears rest and words be heard

In love come together
Share ourselves and our lives
Share fear, and panic
Share love, and symbols and hope

Share and be strengthened by sharing
Share, accept and love.

Find ourselves in the eyes of others and in the heart of ourselves
Love makes us one.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Autistic Skin (A life in feeings)

Where the world ends and we begin is a curious thing,
We feel the world through our bones , drape ourselves in it's beauty, clothe ourselves in its majesty.

Sometimes we sense the misery of our friends seeping into feet and chilling our heart
We find ourselves too frozen to answer, powerless to act and cry teas of ice

Sometimes the heat of their happiness burns our skin, charring our embrace, searing our lips just as we want to reach out and congratulate them.

How much more soothing is a woodland walk, tree's lit by dappled sunlight and the dancing of birdsong in our ear drums. How much safer to feel the drumming of our feet on tarmac in the deepest part of our belly, how much wider is the world when we encompass it.

The white branches in our foreheads grow tall and strong, they cover our gaze and we peak out through them.We curl up in their embrace, the twisting of the limbs as they reach out through our senses gives us incredible beauty, incredible sadness, incredible joy.