Saturday, February 25, 2006

Good bye!

Today we sang Great Kanzeon for Molly as we buried her. Watching her sweet face disapear was dreadful. She had the most glorious copper red fur and big black eyes, and charmed most people who met her. Knowing I wont see them again is awful, but standing in our garden in the middle of all thats ordinary, facing death which is the most extraordinary and yet most ordinary of all things, was occassionally blissful. When we'd forgotten about our dripping noises, sore throats and how cold it was, when we just sang for Molly it was really ok. Isn't it great when things are so tough, that we can be touched by miracles like that? Thank you!


Techiepig said...

"Great Kanzeon" is actually "The scripture of Avalokiteshwara Boddhisattva", part of the litturgy of the OBC. We sing it whenever we bury one of our pets. It is a lovely scripture. It was sung at our wedding and some of the non-Buddhists present felt it really had meaning for them.

I just want to add how wonderfully expressive Gingerpig is. Of course, I know this because I live with her but it is really nice to see her words expressed so that others can read them.

Gingerpig said...

Thank you Ian, what kind comment to make. Especially as you have to listen to many of my words. Still I like the way we talk, it's one of the reasons I married you.

ps, you really do never cease to amaze me in the amount of lovely things you say.

villafan said...

I just have to say sorry for the loss of molly and that the funeral you did for her sounded so beautiful

thinkin of you both here and hopin the rest of the guinea pigs are ok