Saturday, February 25, 2006


I have such a capacity for grumpiness, which is afterall a euphimism for anger. I was feeding lovely Clover, and got so grumpy because she wasn't taking her food, and was dribbling it everywhere. Still it's better than when we first started this, I've been syringe feeding her for over a year now, as she has quite a few health problems, and she does well with the extra support. Just like when Daisy died, her lungs have got very rustly again now Molly has died - I'm not sure if it's grief or the strain of having to fit in with the new world order, or maybe both. Who knows how the world is for guinea pigs? I'm enjoying blogging, it's very cathartic, and gives me a clearer perspective on this. I'm still concerned as to why I would get grumpy when I feed her, but writing about it enables me to see the level of frustration intensified by the fact that her poor old rustly lungs are not responding to the drugs I'm administering. When love gets that confused, a little compassion goes a long way.

Oooooo and before I forget, I think I've fixed the comments boxes, so it's set up as word verified only. I suddenly found I ad an awful lot more comments when I clicked on my comments moderation box. Thanks all!

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