Friday, March 31, 2006

Guinea pig swimming in a water butt

Not that I would of course! Our next door neighbour is a great gardner, and he's going to fixing our guttering for us - he's recently done a wonderful job on repointing our patio, and trimming hedges etc. When he does fix the guttering, our water butt will naturally fill, and I was laughing to Ian pretending to be a g pig haveing swimming lessons in a water butt. Very interesting that, today I feel absolutely shot, and with a significantly reduced grip on sanity. Ian and myself have both got bugs, last night we slept in seperate beds which was good as it meant Ian got a good night's sleep. I on the other hand made real aquaintances with the tigers of the night - we'd watched a really fabulously useful programme on how to have a good death, and as I was waking every 20 mins with my sore throat, I was kind of drifting in and out of the emotions the programme had awakened in me, the memories of the 3 people and 4 guinea pigs who have died who were close to me in the last 6 years, just weirdness that a slight temperature can do for you etc.

I've kind of stayed with all of that today, which has been quite an eye opener. Its quite interesting, how that despite knowing that my real nature just is, these other things seem so heavy and so determined to stay - and then in the middle of all of that, I'm laughing at the thought of being a guinea pig having swimming lessons. Sometimes its jolly good to embrace the fickleness of human nature! BTW, swimming lessons are supposed to be helpful to some wuinea pigs as you may find here

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Techiepig said...

I too thought the program last night was very good. I was particularly struck with a comment made by a guy who was dying with cancer.

He said he remembered going on holiday and spending the whole time complaining because it was raining. He regretted it in retrospect because the fact was that he was on holiday and he could still have enjoyed it if he had not complained so much.

I remember our honeymoon in Cornwall. The weather was some of Britains finest - it rained most of the week. Neither of us complained at all though. We dodged the rain and went out to see some of the beautiful sights of Cornwall when we could. When it rained, we could stay in our flat and watch the storm over the harbour (even the occasional rainbow!). I hope we continue to make the best out of life in this way. It's not easy to find the positive in every moment and I don't think I would want to try but by and large I enjoy my life with you.