Monday, April 02, 2012

My typos are terrible!

My iPad does weird things in this format, I'm thinking about changing browsers. Maids love it though so that's cool.

D has started her new school. It's a special school and I struggle with that, but then I also struggle with the fact that the ed psych has said she is too high functioning, too normal to attend. He's right, she is, but she was highly anxious in her previous setting. Such a shame our schools do not cater for happiness? What else is there?

Last thing to end on a happy note. We had an Easter Assembly at school recently. D LOVES her school, loves her teacher, runs onto the bus with a big grin in the am and is generally calmer and happier at home. It's completely brilliant. Easter Assembly happened, I'd made an Easter bonnet with D just before. She was the only one out of her class and the first child in the whole school to stand, smiling broadly, and parade her hat. Just amazing. The older pupils did amazing presentations, but of course it's my girl in her hat I remember.

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