Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Yoga - unbelievably happy and boastful email!

This is copy of an email I just sent to a friend. It's as flippant as you might expect, but I wanted to post it, just so that anyone reading this blog with ME gets the idea that recovery is posible! Too often, the "myth" of non-recovery from ME is taken at face value, and I feel it's important to share good tidings when they come, to help shatter this.

I did yoga last night! In a normal class and everything! It may have been slightly too much, but that's because I'm an inactive, essay avoiding slob atm, but it may also have been just enough, and I'm the tiniest bit whateverish cause I slept in this am. Was so very very very cool! The teacher was really good at telling me what not to do, and because I [actually] listened (full orchestral fanfare) I lasted the whle 1 hour and 15 mins. Then we had a lovely relaxation which was a bit yoga nidra and a bit something else. Oooooooooooooo I did it! I feel so proud - 3 years ago, reading crappy women's mags was the hight of my intellectual advances, and sometimes the bath room was too far away, and the stairs were a nightmare. Now I'm doing a full yoga class and reading up for my theoretical essays and getting a grip on the fear behind all of it, albeit very slowly lol. But it's just so cool! ........... So many explaination marks!!!!!!!!!!!

In slightly more serious mode, deep and grateful bows to all those ME recovering angels (doesn't feel right to call of you Boddhissatva's which I'm more used to, because you're not not all Buddhists and I want to choose a less loaded but still appreciative term) I've met along the way. May you appear for all people with ME and may they have the courage to listen to you (takes me long enough lol).


Sarah said...

It's funny how listening solves SO many problems! I was at a yoga class last night where the teacher spoke with the most quiet voice so that you really had to stay still and silent to hear her and it was a very productive class for me as well. My tree pose has never been less wobbly!

Gingerpig said...

Fabulous! Well done! I must admit we had to do a sort of moving balance posture which was very wobbly for me, but I enjoyed staying with it, and seein what came up. Which was mainly wobbliness lol.

I just found a new word to add to my autobiography from your webage - museuming, I like it! Thanks!

mutley said...

Congratulations, checked in to see how you were doing, and very happy to see you doing well.
Mutley from brainfog.