Saturday, December 28, 2013

Stress make me more autistic.

Who would have thought it?  I had such a bad reaction to Christmas as I felt stressed. Stress reduces my coping skills, and makes me feel much more autistic, just like I did as a child.  It's a bit of a bugger to suddenly find I have the skills of an 8 year old when I need to be 42.  At least I know what it is now, and why it was so frightening and familiar to feel like I did.  Not a regression, but gives me much more insight into why D descended this summer.  The stress removed her capabilities, her awareness of such would have made her more stressed, etc.  how to plan a way out? For now, probably just documenting it and awareness will help.

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Rachel Cotton said...

Oh just twigged - giving D very simple things to do (in her case sensory things) was the start of her way up as it so low demand she could still do it.

Also, speaking to Nana, she reminded me how poorly she was over the summer when we visited. So that would have been a double whammy of poorly, changed people for D to cope with. Poor child!