Friday, October 07, 2011

When we lost you,
you were there in perfect sight,
I was probably dressing you, or changing your nappy,
Making your tea, or brushing your hair,
Yet you were lost.

The hardest thing was that we didn't know,
didn't know that you were lost.
Because you were there in front of us
we allowed ourselves to be convinced that you were a difficult child
"They're all like that, with their funny little ways".

We thought all you had to do was change,
grow a thicker skin, learn to adapt.
We didn't know you couldn't,
didn't know that changing you meant losing you.
So we lost you.

Suddenly we realised
we knew we hard to find you.
We took off your uniform, but you were not there
We looked in your eyes, but you were not there,
We held you tight, but you were not there.

So we let you go,
let you go where you needed too,
put up with the scratches and the blood and the screaming,
We held you tight, looked in your eyes, hugged and kissed you lots,
and you were there,
you'd never gone.

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