Monday, June 20, 2011

Funny Old Year

Nothing too deep, but just realised today it's been an odd year so far. We may have known D was autistic, but it wasn't confirmed till March. We weren't expecting to get the Semantic Pragmatic dx either, and in another letter from the Paediatrician she's mentioned sensory processing difficulties. We knew about those of course, as that's why I wrote to her asking for an appt with the occupational therapist, but it seems so much more final on paper. All the stuff with pre school and now post pre school, and trying to decide where D should go to school, well it's lot. Coupled with the very basic fact that Michael has only just started sleeping through until 4 most mornings and then waking at 6 and loosing my beautiful friend Jason (who would have vomited if he'd heard me say that) well it's been a funny old year. So apologies for all the whinging, it could have been a lot worse and there's nothing there, that isn't kind of pretty every day really, but even so. Drinks for all, we near the equinox, feel the solstice fires burning or whatever floats you boat. Or doesn't, those burning fires might be a Viking and all.

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