Sunday, January 08, 2006

I'm writing essays!

But more importantly I have my new years resolution. I dont usually do resolutions, I think the point of practice is just that, it's practice, it's not prefection, and you may as well try and do some each day. I had a lovely phone call with another one of my many lovely friends the other night, what bliss, soaking in a hot bath, talking to a wonderful friend. Life is full of so many minor miracles, and I miss most of them lol! Anyway, because I'm eager to get to back my essay, mine (and my friend's) resolution, is "To do things badly rather than not at all" I will write more about this later, but Akhenaten's Egypt is calling!

Ahhhhh yes, news about Clover as well. Guinea pigs may or may not have asthma. She it turns out, has a large heart, which may or may not be caused by a bad bout of the sniffles. We've extended the sniffles treatment, and we'll see what happens next. The vet said he thought if it was a heart problem, she would probably look more depressed, which I think we would tell by if she wasn't eating. I thought it was quite an interesting use of the word depressed - I guess it means a little bit more than feeling pmt'y and craving chocolate. I guess a guinea pig would crave romaine or chicory mind... ...


Mugo said...

Let's have more of Gingerpig, lots more. That's when you are not doing your course work.

Gingerpig said...

There will be :)

Thank you for your support!