Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Guinea pig madness

Can guinea pigs get asthma? That's the question for today... Beautiful Clover piglet is still breathing like a carpet of autumn leaves despite a week long treatment of anti-b's and 2 doses of frusemide. She doesn't look distressed in herself, which shows it must take more intelligence to be frightened at breathing difficulties... I think next time I'm wheezy, I'll try to be a guinea pig. Mind you, the food would all be raw - no chips, and no chocolate. I guess I'll put up with the fear then.

Today is the grand start of my Egyptian archaeology essay, and will hopefully provide the definative answer to what is an Amarna period shabti? Obviously I can't say as yet, but by the end of the week, it will no doubt be clear.

Had some strange pear flavoured liquoer (sp? - half the fun of my blog will be the search for typo's) yesterday at my favourite Turkish place in Bath. It was presented in tiny glasses after the main meal, after our coffee... Yes, I had a cup of full-caffiene coffee, and a mini glass of pear plonk in one day. Fabulous! We ate our way round Bath yesterday, and chatted and chatted and chatted. It's so lovely getting together with good friends, we can all be so delighted with each other. One of those really nourishing friendships, or perhaps it was the copious food! I wonder if certain friendships of mine relate to the food I normally consume when I'm with them? One of my closest and longterm friendships is peppered with the chilli's of all the curry's we've shared. We started off in a student house share, eating real stick to your ribs food, that would floor us for hours... Now we're older we dont have the eating competitions (although recently I found it was me being competive about the toast *sigh*), but we still have a friendship where we synchronically share our live's paths... It's a very warm experience, although we're excellent at being the doozey in pointing out what the other one is trying to avoid... Maybe that's got something to do with chilli's or maybe we always sniff like that lol. I am finding the comparison a hard one to sustain, but I do like the idea so I may return to it.

Toodle pips xxx

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