Saturday, June 08, 2013

Storm in a coffee cup

Scaffolding being built.
The noise jars and slices me,
I wince and cover my ears,
and I see question marks in people's eyes.

Beautiful girl, you don't like it either.
But you a child, so you don't wince,
you don't control,
Can't waste energy on being social.

We go outside.
You are screaming and screaming,
I feel like the noise will end my world,
The clanking, the screaming, the distress, the people, the stares.

The smells, the lights, the textures of the pavement to navigate,
The light, the dark, the maelstrom of emotions.

I struggle to remain calm,
In my struggle I forget and speak to you.

You scream, and scream, the world is a big round o of your red mouth.

I collapse inside, my bones hold me up when my emotions have deserted me.

I kneel down and cling to you,
You cling to me,
We have the same need, the same feeling, the same love.

We cling as if lost in a shipwreck,
You stop screaming so much,
My emotions creep back and I start to listen.

We are one feeling, one emotion, one joy.
One love for two people,
One love for all people.

We go back inside,
Sit back down,
and carry on.

What else is there to do?

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